Touraussichten für 2018 – Interview mit Ian Gillan

In einem neuen Interview mit The Vinyl Guide gibt Ian Gillan einen Ausblick auf die Toursaison von 2018 (nach ca. 7 Minuten zu hören). Wahrscheinlich werden Konzerte in Russland und Fernost (mit Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam und Singapur) sowie in Australien gespielt.

Auch werden wohl wieder neue writing sessions (für ein weiteres Album?) stattfinden.

Da warten wir mal ab was noch alles passieren wird … Dank an Lutz fürs Aufspüren des Interviews.

The Vinyl Guide – Ep092: The Long Goodbye with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple (in englisch)

Hinweis zum neuen Album?

Ist das ein versteckter Hinweis auf das neue Album?

Ian Gillan in Warschau am 19. November 2016.

Alles wird bald bekannt gegeben werden …


Deep Purple – facebook

hotblack im Deepest Purple Forum (22. Nov 2016)

Ich habe ihn in Sofia und Skopje getroffen, und kann es bestätigen.

Es ist tatsächlich das neue Album gemeint, und scheint der Startschuss für eine neue und hoffentlich ebenso interessante Werbekampagne zu sein, wie sie schon für ‚Now What?!‘ durchgeführt wurde.

Ian Gillan – Sofia – 4. Nov 2016

Am 4. November spielte Ian Gillan zusammen mit der Don Airey Band und dem Sofia Philharminic Orchestra in Sofia. Als Gast war Tochter Grace von Gillan mit auf der Bühne.

Auf YouTube sind alle Titel auf dem Kanal von Ivo Welichkow zu sehen.


Intro / Hang Me Out To Dry
Pictures Of Home
No Lotion For That
Strange Kind Of Woman
Razzle Dazzle
A Day Late And A Dollar Short
Rapture Of The Deep
When A Blind Man Cries
You’re Gonna Ruin Me Baby (Lazy Lester) and Candy Floss (feat. Grace Gillan)
No More Cane On The Brazos
Difficult To Cure
Perfect Strangers
Hell To Pay
Demon’s Eye
Smoke On The Water

Black Night

Ian Gillan – The Day I left Deep Purple

In der letzten Ausgabe von TeamRock (20. September 2016) hat sich Ian Gillan zu den letzten Stunden bei Deep Purple geäußert. Das war keine schöne Zeit, Ian bezeichnet sie als bizarr. Niemand hat mit ihm geredet. Es war der 29. Juni 1973, das letzte Konzert von Mark 2 (Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice). Nach dem Konzert flog Ian allein nach England und das war es …

BRAVO - 30 / 1973

BRAVO – 30 / 1973

Ian Gillan: The Day I Left Deep Purple

On June 29 1973, Ian Gillan left Deep Purple and no-one said a word. The singer tells Classic Rock the full, sad story …

It was bizarre, actually. Because I had actually handed in my letter of resignation to the band months earlier, while we were in Dayton, Ohio. I told them in this letter that I intended to leave Purple at the end of the next tour. But, at the time nobody said anything at all to me about my decision. We just got on with making the new album Who Do We Think We Are and then we went out on the road.

We went to Japan in June 73, and the last date was in Osaka on the 29th. That was the end of the touring schedule, and therefore my final show with the band. Still no-one said a word to me. We got onstage, did the gig, and… well, that was it! I left the venue on my own, and went back the hotel. There were no goodbyes from anybody connected to Purple. None of the other four in the band, none of the crew, nobody from the management. It was almost as if it had been swept under the carpet. As I said, the whole thing was bizarre. I never expected a farewell gift or an emotional outburst from anybody, but just to ignore the whole thing was really weird.

I never said anything after the gig. It just didn’t feel right that I should say something. The atmosphere at the time in Purple was just horrible, and for me it was just such a relief to have it all done and dusted. To understand what was going on in the band you’d need to be a trained psychologist. Everyone in the line-up at the time behaved like an asshole – and I am including myself here. I was as bad as the rest of them.

What wasn’t helping us at the time was that a lot of other people got involved, and they had agendas which meant we were worked to the bone. If we had been able to take a break, then maybe it could have been worked out. But we were on a treadmill, and I got to the point when I just had to leave. Which is why I gave in my notice by letter.

Maybe none of the other guys knew what t say to me, and I certainly didn’t know what to say to them. So that night in Osaka we all acted as if nothing was going, and everything was fine. Which it clearly was not.

The next day, I left for the airport by myself, got on the flight alone and came back home. It was as if the moment I came offstage, I was no longer regarded as a member of the band. Therefore, I was left to fend for myself. But that was no problem. Once back in England, I half expected somebody from the band to phone. However, nobody did. They’d moved on. Eventually, Roger Glover did call some time later, to tell me he’d been fired from Purple.

Japan Tour Juni 1973

Ian Gillan in Kiew 2016

Mit dem 3. Konzert von Ian Gillan im November 2016 scheint es wohl eine Tour in Osteuropa zu werden.

Es sind mitlerweile wieder neue Konzerte dazugekommen … update 17. Juli 2016

4 November 2016 – Sofia, NDK – BULGARIA
5 November 2016 – Skopje, Boris Trajikovski Sports Centre – MACEDONIA
7 November 2016 – Belgrad, Sava Center – SERBIA
8 November 2016 – Budapest, Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena – HUNGARY
10 November 2016 – Odessa, Opern Theater – UKRAINE
11 November 2016 – Kiew, Palas Ukraine – UKRAINE
13 November 2016 – Minsk – Dvorets Respubliki – BELARUS
15 November 2016 – Moscow, Kremlin Palace – RUSSIA
17 November 2016 – St. Petersburg, BKZ Oktyabrsky – RUSSIA
19 November 2016 – Warschau, Hala Kolo – POLAND

Simon McBride (Gitarre)